Detox Foot Bath with Reflexology

Detox Foot Bath with Reflexology

This session enhances your body's detoxification process. During the treatment, cells of your body will release waste into the lymphatic system, stimulating the natural elimination process. The water is interesting to watch, as in most times it changes color.

The treatment is a foot bath in a copper tub filled with warm water, Tibetan sea salts and charged with a low level electric current. The activator unit sits at the bottom of the tub and has various metals which "pull" toxins and heavy metals from your body.

The toxins are easily seen in the water, as is the yeast or other bi-products that sit on top of the water. Heavy metals are released in microscopic amounts from your feet. The metals in the water clump together because of the salt, copper and metal rings activated by the low electric current. This is safe and very powerful.

Reflexology is one of the best methods for bringing health and harmony to the total client.  A specific type of steady pressure is applied to the feet that produces dynamic healing and relaxation to all parts of the body.  Reflexology is a guaranteed method of relaxing the body, composing the mind and reenergizing and balancing the body.  It helps reduce stress, headaches, high blood pressure, colds, eyestrain, indigestion, backaches and other ailments.

You may experience more energy, less allergies, a better sleep and a sensation of being clean on the inside.

60 Minutes $80.00

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