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For those who wish to enjoy a great massage here in Sedona, please consider my signature massage, the Sedona Intuitive Massage which is described in detail in my Services page.  Each session is unique and very meaningful.

I have twenty plus years experience in working with clients in the massage/medical field.  I have a medical background in my head and work with a true shaman's heart.  My many years experience has led to a wide variety of massage modalities that are listed on the services page.

I work with high quality essential oils that are medical grade, cold pressed and hand poured.  I am certified in aromatherapy and enjoy using the oils.

Sedona Massages | Massage Therapist

My intention in my sessions is to allow stress and tension to dissolve, the body to enjoy the sensations of the oils and scents, while the muscles unwind, and the mind to still as if in a deep meditative state.  True magic!

The energy work that I weave into each massage, while I address specific areas of tight muscles with trigger points, various pressures of massage and stretches to unwind are unique in that the mind, and body both feel as if they had a massage.

I offer gift certificates, and massages are offered at either my West Sedona location or on-site at your hotel or residence.

See you soon ... and in the meantime, smile & enjoy your day! ... Sue Allison, LMP

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Sue Allison works miracles! Her intuitive "knowing" gets right to the area of your body that needs relief from pain and stress and lets the healing begin.

Barbara Mirza,
Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Reality Sedona

My cranio-sacral with Sue was amazing!  I clearly saw in my mind's eye & felt the loving healing energy of Beloved Quan Yin embody Sue & felt it come through her hands!  After just one session with Sue, I felt a sense of unwinding & releasing.  It was quite liberating!  I can't wait for my next session.

Aria Magi - clairvoyant, illuminator